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We offer comprehensive mental health education, training, and consultancy services to clients across the United States and globally. Our expertise extends to employers, employees of companies and organizations, healthcare professionals, as well as corporate and educational institutions seeking tailored solutions in the realm of mental health education, training, and consultancy. Whether you require assistance with mental health awareness, advocacy, training programs, or strategic guidance, we are committed to providing the highest level of professional support that provide individuals and organizations with the tools and strategies on how best to support themselves or others.

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    Carelink Consultancy

    Mental Health Training for the Workplace

    Anxiety & Stress Management
    Creating a Culture of Mental Wellbeing & Awareness in the Workplace
    Handling feelings of Depression
    Mental Health & Wellness in the Workplace

    Seminars for Educational Institutions

    Bullying and School Violence
    Understanding Developmental stages in Children
    Suicide Awareness Prevention
    Stress Management

    Seminars for Healthcare Professionals

    Handling Compassion Fatigue
    Suicide prevention
    Cultural Awareness

    Bite-sized Courses

    Bite-sized courses are suitable for individuals who want to know how to manage stress effectively, build resilience and promote positive mental health.

    Anxiety & Stress Management
    Practicing Health & Wellness
    Cultural Awareness

    Mental Health First Aid

    Mental Health First Aid is a skills-based training course that teaches participants to identify, understand and respond to mental health and substance use challenges.



    We Understand

    We know that challenges to our mental health can cause significant changes to our emotional and physical well-being. We have responded to this by developing and delivering high-quality courses and support for individuals in workplaces, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities.

    Our Evidence-based Approach

    We utilize evidence-based, clinical, and psychosocial research and more than fifteen years of professional experience assessing, treating, and educating individuals with mental health challenges and their communities.

    Cutting Edge Solutions

    Our seminars reflect each client's culture, values, and diversity and allow participants to reflect on cutting-edge solutions specific to their environment. After attending one of our training sessions, participants will leave with an increased understanding of mental health and mental illness and various skills and tools they can use in workplaces and everyday life.