We collect from our partners across the UK and ensure all the items are for re-wear, reuse and recycle which helps to reduce our carbon and water footprint. We are an environmentally friendly and ethical textile recycling company working to reduce landfill and to facilitate the circular/closed loop economy in textiles.

In our take back scheme, at present we collect clothing, shoes and other household items in more than 300 different locations including fashion houses, retail and online stores. Once collected, the items are processed and sorted as per our partners’ specific requirements and are then exported, sent or sold to an agreed destination.

How it works

Textile take-back schemes, where customers donate unwanted clothing to retailers to be re-used or be recycled, are a key part of developing a more circular fashion industry. Our partners can engage with their customers, who in turn are encouraged to act in a more environmentally friendly way.

  • Consumers take back their pre-loved clothing and shoes to participating partner’s stores
  • Goods collected from our partners are brought to our facility
  • •Once in our facility, they sorted as per our partners’ request
  • •Most of the goods are used for re-wear if not recycled.
  • •Once processed the goods are sold or donated to a final destination as agreed with our participating partners

All goods are re-used and re-usable. If not in good condition they are recycled to make car seats, sofas, mattresses, yarn, industrial cleaning wipers etc.