(TRUST) Trader Recycling Universal Standard

We are members of TRUST and are certified members.

TRUST consists of comprehensive series of test along with audit to ensure its certified merchants are complaint with the low in areas of Transparency, Health Safety, Working Condition, Staff management, Vehicle Management Commitment to reduce carbon footprint etc


Textiles 2030 is WRAP’s expert-led initiative, harnessing the knowledge and expertise of UK leaders in sustainability to accelerate the whole fashion & textiles industry’s move towards circularity & system change in the UK.

All businesses for sustainability across clothing retail, supply, reuse, recycling, including SCAP signatories, will collaborate as ‘Partners’ on the UK Circular Economy.

(CRA) Charity Retail Association

A successful, sustainable, trusted and valued charity retail sector, CRA Sector generates more than £330m surplus funds per year from more than a billion pounds of turnover, and harnesses the skills of more than 186,800 volunteers nationwide.

Charity retail promotes charitable causes and an environmentally sustainable retail experience.

Its members, between them, run around 9000 shops across the country.

(TRA) Textile Recycling Association

TRA is the UK’s trade association for collectors, sorters, processors and exporters of used clothing and textiles.

The main objectives of this Association is to represent the interests of its members national & internationally by promoting Second hand clothing, shoe recycling industry.

Highlight major environmental, social & economic benefits to the world.