We’ve been helping schools fundraise with absolutely no cost to them for over 20 years. A resource everyone has at home is pre-loved and not needed anymore is clothing and shoes.

We work in partnership with schools, we are here to help and have raised substantial funds for PTAs.

The workings of our scheme are very straight forward.

  • We place a textile and footwear collection bank on your site on an agreed date
  • You call us to advise when your bin is full
  • One of our trained drivers collects within a couple of days
  • The items are weighed
  • We pay your rebate directly into your bank account

If the School does not have space to place textile bank, we agree to a specific date for collections and that specific day our driver come and collects the textiles Simple, isn’t it!

This approach is not only sustainable, but also ethical and environmentally friendly and contributes enormously to achieving a closed loop/circular economy.

The more you collect, the more you earn!